On The Beer Diaries

Greg’s next project after working at BioWare is certainly a significant change of direction and focus.  While still grounded in the world of entertainment, The Beer Diaries puts Greg in the role of interviewer, rather than interviewee and focuses on beer, a topic far removed from the world of videogames.

The goal of The Beer Diaries is to celebrate and promote craft beer around the world. Greg’s role as Chief Beer Enthusiast initially is to interview notable brewers (initially in Austin, Texas) and introduce viewers to great artisans and delicious beer in glorious HD.  At some later date Greg will draw on his tech background and work on apps and tools focused on beer promotion and education.

While there’s not too much to see yet at The Beer Diaries things will be moving fast and furious and before too long you will see trailers and actual episodes of the show.  The Beer Diaries is about to embark on an exciting voyage and we’d love for you to join us; check out the official The Beer Diaries.TV site and follow us to get more updates as events unfold!